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the negotiations over the defense cuts and budget. this afternoon, mitt romney conceded florida. the move comes as the nation still waits to see what that state decided and they're still counting ballots there, not surprising. and miami dade finished counting absentee ballots and on to 3,000 provisional ballots. they blame the high volume of ballots that arrived on election day for delay. they're in the business of counting ballots. >>> inauguration preps are underway in washington. some of the area on the west side of the capital is blocked off. risers are going up, platform being built, the planners will meet the next few months to discuss security and crowd control. four years ago, the inauguration crowd is the largest on the mall and there is no estimate for this january's ceremony. >>> straight ahead on the news edge. >> your man. [ indiscernible ] >> they're graphic and in your face. are the antismoking ads work something then, how one city's plan to catch speeding drivers back fired. sue. >> and a nice bright day here. breezy and still very chilly. we have a pattern change that we're tac
in florida. a key battleground state with 29 crucial electoral votes. >> tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow. tomorro we begin a better tomorrow and this is going to change for the better tomorrow. your work is making a difference. >> reporter: and holding two rallies in virginia alone. >> and to look at the record, earned and real with record. the president promised change but that can't be finished in speeches but in achievement. >> reporter: he's also campaigning in ohio. they have made the buckstate important in this race. no republican won the white house without carrying ohio. his running mate paul ryan holding a separate rally in the same state and the vice presidentual nominee is visiting iowa, colorado, and wisconsin today. >> so many americans are looking to you in repo, here in nevada and a handful of states like my own, and they're looking to you to make sure that you cast is your vote for real change. >> and romney and his wife will vote tomorrow and then they will visit two more states tomorrow. he wants to campaign until the polls closed, so he will be going back to the key s
the season on friday against number 10 florida from the deck of an aircraft carrier. the annual classic takes place off of the coast of jacksonville, florida, and giving them a chance for the action. >>> and maryland opens on friday in brooklyn against the defending national champs kentucky and they will have help. and they will play. the ncaa approved his waiver appeal this morning. >> tonight, the wizards are against the celtics in boston. they dropped the home opener to the celtics, 89-86. >> and down to shawn yancy for a look at what is coming up at 10. >> and some scary moments for a fairfax county girl. a man attacked her inside a bathroom. how it happened and the clues that could lead police to the suspect. >>> also, a fox 5 consumer report. and do you toss and turn night after night? a single change could be the answer to a good night's sleep. tonight on fox 5 news at 10. brian. >> and thank you. over to sue palka. >> the pattern change is coming, brian. going to be chilly the next few days and tonight as we drop to 38 degrees and maybe a light shower or a flurry, nothing that will ca
games to become bowl eligible, starting saturday against number 10 florida state. i have a feeling he's up for tough tasks. the freshman has two weeks of college qb experience. after starting the season on defense, and there is a no-win situation for him. he performed admirably and he's 15 of 30 in two games and the coach hopes this is a good one. >> i would love to see the place filled this weekend, again, to pay the respects to the seniors, most especially. and also, to this team for how they battling. and though they're handling, you know, all of these things. >> and to maryland hoops, the terps coming off of the first win of the season last night at home. the moorehead state, 67-45 and a big bonus the first two games, the xavier transfer in the lineup. produced eight points in each of the first two games and an exciting player to watch. last night, he was on the oop end of this alley-oop and he was cleared to play last week by the ncaa. he and the terps are back at it on friday against long island university. and there is no dispute coming the manager of the year is. the nationals
teams start out with lower ranked teams. we have a good first game against florida, a team that's ranked in the top 25. to we don't have a chance to relax. there is a lot of pressure on us from the beginning to prove to the world that we can play and that's what we're going to go out and do. >> the hoyas tip-off at 9:15. >>> let's head over to shawn with a look at what's coming your way next at 10:00. looks like we don't have time for that. we have a lot more coming your way. we have a lot of games to watch. see you tonight. 
they used to own and florida's former governor charlie christ once dated her twin sister, however he denies the claims. >>> nancy pelosi is staying on as a second term for house minority leader making the decision today. the congresswoman named a long list of issues she wants to work on during her next term. >> i talked about here out changing the role of money in politics. as really a very important motivator for me to stay in the leaders office. it must be done. >> she served in the white house in the house for 25 years and show is the first woman to serve as speaker. >>> a news alert out of prince georges county where a school bus full of students was involved in a crash. happened around 3:00 and 3:01 and they a say -- say a truck rearended a bus. fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. >>> to the edge on maryland. police released you in pictures of a man they believe was behind a shooting at a wal- mart. the authorities say the suspect demanded money and forced one of the store managers into a parking lot and shot him. paul wagner is joining us live with the story. paul? >> reporter: an
presidential candidate today. the race neck-in-neck in florida, where the 29 electoral votes could end up deciding this thing. president obama sat down for an interview with craig patrick from our sister station wtvt in tampa. >> reporter: the president was very reflective. he was focused on his record. couple, this is the last day he will spend as a candidate and he suggested some of his negative campaign ads were out of bounds. we asked him for specifics, which ads he produced across the line. he would not give specifics but this is a heated, charged race because there was so much at stake. we also asked him to size up the integrity of the opponents and look at what the president said. they're looking for honesty and candor, putting visions and differences with the issues aside. do you consider mitt romney to be a man of integrity and if so, when is the last time you saw him show it? >> i will say governor romney is a very talented individual. obviously, he's been very successful in his life, and i think his commitment to his family and his community and his church are powerful. but, wh
-for-grabs category: ohio, florida, virginia, north carolina, new hampshire, iowa, wisconsin, colorado, and nevada. brian, that is a wide margin where the candidates will battle the next few days. >>> tonight, video of mitt romney discussing his mormon faith and abortion has gone viral. he ran for president in '08 and sat down in iowa and discussed his faith and view on abortion. >> my faith has strong beliefs -- i was beaten up in boston because i encouraged girls not to have abortions but adoption. i have not done anything to viola the principles of my church in that regard. >> romney said while the mormon church doesn't condone abortion, the church doesn't say a punish has to be opposed to allowing choice in society n. '08, he said there were plenty of democrats who were mormons and pro-choice. >>> the advocacy group nuns on the bus is back on the road today. the members gathered this morning at a church near arlington. 200 supports turned out. they planned to make stops in several cities in virginia, including richmond and virginia beach. the group has been critical in the past. the republican
southern gulf states we will see sunshine with a few clouds. and showers across the south for florida and as we head up the eastern seaboard it will be dry with just some wind that will pick up as a result of that same system. by midday tomorrow, we are talking 51 degrees with a few clouds and partly sunny by the time we get into the course of the afternoon hours. and it will be a fairly pleasant day. 40 for tonight for the overnight low. and a northeastern wind and tomorrow's high we are talk the double 5s kicking in. now here's accu-weather seven dane forecast. fox 5 here's a look at the sunshine pretty m across the board. plenty of sunshine for thanksgiving day which is going to be very nice. we are warming up as well to the low 60s in the end of the week. looks like that will happen another system developing off the south coast mock into the end of the week. but it looks far off to call but a great week look good. >> thank you. >>> the redskins promised to be rejuvenated after the bye week. >> and they r today they delivered on that promise. just ask the eying elogist. scott smith
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9